Research & Strategy


Conception & Inovation


Industrial Design & Corporate Design


Research & Strategy

In order to achieve an optimal market acceptance of the products, we use various research methods in advance that give us a clear insight into the current and future market development. Based on a final evaluation, and in close consultation with you, we formulate possible strategies for the implementation. In iterative work steps, we collect all relevant findings and translate them into value-adding concepts for realizable industrial products, brand worlds, and room scenarios.

You don´t have an exact idea of ​​what kind of product you need, and the new markets you could achieve? In close cooperation, we work with you to develop company strategies and define requirements catalogs for product innovations that help advance your company. Our unclouded view, and our ability as a young dynamic team to think outside existing systems and conventions, often leads to surprising and innovative approaches to solutions in previously unseen market segments. By expanding your view, we can sharpen ours.

The following performance packages can also be requested separately. Feel free to contact us!

  • Market Research, Market Segmentation and Positioning
  • User and Target Group Research
  • Design Thinking Methods
  • Usability Test and User Interviews
  • Design and Moodboards
  • Material and Color Boards
  • Trend Research

Conception & Innovation

Based on the evaluation of the research and the common definition of the requirements catalog, we design a selection of viable concepts with different emphasis. For this purpose, we use a wide range of visualization possibilities: from two-dimensional drawings with different stylistic means to first computer-animated renderings and volume models from our model building workshop. We offer a wide range of possibilities to make innovative concepts and ideas understandable and tangible. We gladly take care of the visualization of information films, infographics, or company presentations.

  • 2D and 3D Visualizations
  • D Models and Renderings
  • Volume, Design and Function Models
  • Design Management
  • Visual Storytelling
  • Infographics
  • Data Visualization

Industrial Design & Corporate Design

In the realization phase, we immerse ourselves deeper in the implementation of selected concepts. In consideration of manufacturing processes, material, and shape, we develop the final product and test it, based on models, up to the final release. Realistic renderings with our state-of-the-art software allow you to get an impression of form and surface, before the first production models are released. These photorealistic representations can be used for your marketing communication before the first real product photos are taken.

We support you in the production of zero series and tool parts, and work out the related corporate design, the packaging, as well as trade fair stands, and print materials for a uniform appearance.

  • 3D CAD Visualization
  • Model / Prototype Construction
  • Zero Series Support
  • Color and Trim Specification
  • Transfer Assistance for Engineering
  • Product Photography
  • Corporate Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Exhibition Design

System Design

In our digitally networked world, and with a view to the development of industry 4.0, we offer support for the design of digital systems which can be configured differently, adapt themselves modularly to the situation, or are variable in their form. Digital systems form an optimal tool for the design and implementation of products and services with regard to the efficient saving of material and resources.

  • Generative Design & Modeling
  • Design within Existing Systems
  • Screening
  • Control Systems
  • Process Design

Interior Design

The perception and effect of a space is decisively influenced by the interaction of light, material, and color as well as by its division. With good interior design, we bring your products and services in perspective, creating atmosphere and lively spatial scenarios. We design rooms to communicate your values and make them experienceable to your customers.

  • Color, Material and Surface Consultation
  • Facility Consulting and Styling
  • Exhibition Design
  • Retail Design
  • Lighting Design
  • Hotel and Restaurant Design
  • Exhibition Design


A good model gives a shape to an idea. We call it “thinking with the hands”. For you, as our customer, it´s a perfect tool to grasp the design process because you can actually see and touch it. Thanks to our excellent network within the trades and our workshop, we are able to make particularly vivid models with a wide variety of materials. You will appreciate the good feeling about your project being realized the way you want it to be.

  • Functional Models
  • Volume Models
  • 1:1 Models
  • Design Mockups
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Custom-made Productions
  • Production of Small Series