In collaboration with Elias Schmidt we took part in the euro modo design competition 2011. There we won the first prize with the urban pier project designed for the topic healing environment.

True adventures take place in the mind.

The well-known and renowned theoretical physicist Albert Einstein once said, „Fantasy is more important than knowledge, because knowledge is finite.“ It happens faster than you think, and you have forgotten to embrace your surrounding. That is why it is important to anchor yourself in this fast-paced world and be conscious of where one actually is and how the surrounding place acts on the individual. Every spot in space has its charm, which only becomes visible when you investigate that place. Our pier makes you aware of where you are again. It wasn‘t us who chose the place, the jetty itself chooses its place. You can build it wherever you like to refresh peoples thoughts. Stress, discomfort in masses lacking identity, loneliness, the steady flood of information and many negative influences more invade our daily lives. Our environment has deserved to be noticed by us. But why not in a positive way? On a typical pier (one situated at the water) one is relaxed, calm and full of sensual stimulation by the wind, the water and smells. Now it is your turn: Fill the nonexistent water with your imagination! Try thinking about where you actually are. Do you want to be someplace else? What is around you? Everything is possible. And now it is time to continue the spirit of the urban pier, as well! The pier is yours!