GridLight is a Full-LED-Lightingsystem, which does not only make use of LED technology in marker lights, but also in high-beam headlights, where Halogen and Xenon are mainly used until now. The system consists of three pre-engineered components:

  • A small rod-shaped, white-red reversible marker or signal light module.
  • A slightly larger, also rod-shaped high performance headlight module.
  • A customized support system that was developed specifically for these modules.

This breakdown into separate modules allows for efficient installation in the given space. Unlike conventional lamp inserts, this system can be installed slanted, thus saving valuable room behind the light. GridLight has its name from its support system, which was developed by SBF. The grid allows the modules to be placed freely in all three dimensions. The progressive approach to adapt the support system to the vehicle-specific design through parametric modeling, saves time and development costs.