We are etage8.

About etage8

etage8 is a service-oriented design office, based in Leipzig, and was founded in 2011. Our team develops customized design solutions out of passion. Our core competencies cover the fields of industrial design, the planning and implementation of trade fair stands, visualization of information and visions, and corporate design as well as model building contracts.

In recent years, we have acquired specialized knowledge in the areas of healthcare, industry 4.0, universal design, and advanced expertise in the field of the demographic change. With our growing team, we can offer you a wide range of services and accompany the product development process right up to the holistic user experience.

Our motivation lies in the effort to reconcile the product and its brand with the human needs. Our proven design competence has already been recognized several times with national and international awards, such as the Red Dot Design Award, the German Design Award, and the Saxon State Prize for Design.

For us, it is a privilege to dive into various industries every day and to promote them.
We grow beyond our borders: personally, professionally, and together with you.


Studio and Workshop

Our studio with separate workshop is located in an old production hall of the Wallpaper Factory. The self-built gallery devides the space into different functional areas, and offers optimal conditions for a pleasant working environment, workshops, and presentations.

Our workshop is ideally equipped to realize different model stages, prototypes, custom made products, and small trade fair stands. We have a range of professional hand tools as well as permanently installed devices at our disposal. We work with a wide range of materials, procedures and processes, both in traditional craft and digital fields. We can test, evaluate, and convert your ideas into tangible products, from simple cardboard models to 3D printed components.

Visit the Wallpaper Factory and our studio in Hall C02, and get inspired by the creative environment.

The West of Leipzig and the old Wallpaper Factory

Our office is located in the former “Wallpaper Factory R. Langhammer” in the industrially shaped West of Leipzig. As one of the largest creative hubs in Central Germany, we enjoy the exchange among each other and with creative people from different areas. The proximity to other internationally known locations of the creative scene of Leipzig, such as the Leipzig’s Old Cotton Spinning Mill area, the Cultural Goods Factory,or the Art Power Plant, and the manufacturing industry, makes our location so unique, flexible and effective for our work.



We make design tangible.

Our holistic approach to design covers a broad spectrum, from the initial idea to the market launch. We are cross-thinkers with diverse interests and abilities. Design is our passion and our instrument for dealing with challenges.

As a competent negotiator and consultant, etage8 understands the requirements of a project concerning standards, materials, technologies, and manufacturing processes as well as future-oriented visions, and the needs of users. A meaningful design and the sustainable use of resources define our value.

Our project management adapts to your individual needs in the form of specific performance packages, so you can ensure that you get exactly the performance you need: from the small design contract to the realization of large projects.
We make it possible for your customers to become your fans.


The focus of our design is always on the human beings and their needs in the context of their environment.

We want to shape a future in which people can live better. So, we develop product solutions that can be understood intuitively and offer a recognizable as well as emotional value, close to the needs of our users.

A good design should exceed the pure user expectation. It should open up and inspire new perspectives in order to ensure you, as our customer, a long-lasting success. With us, you will learn how much more your product or service can do for people. We have the tools to overcome existing boundaries.

HALT is a modern piece of furniture that is in high demand in institutions such as nursing homes or hospitals. The all-round handrail does not appear as an afterthought; instead, it is harmoniously integrated in the clean, timeless design of this table, which creates the self-contained and completely refrains from stigmatizing the use.

Statement of the Jury, German Design Award 2017

These pieces of furniture and handrails have been needed for a long time. Finally, someone who brings it to market and can generate media interest immediately. Thumbs up!

Niko Iordanov

GridLight offers a high degree of freedom in the design of lighting systems. This approach is not only in keeping with the times but efficient as well.

Statement by the Jury, Red Dot 2013

And the the company etage8 and it’s brand MORMOR proved how good functional furniture can look.

Trade Fair Newspaper Altenpflege 04/2015

MORMOR furniture show a refreshing effort to connect quality awareness and social ideals.

Silke Claus, Managing Director Bayern-Design GmbH