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Research & Strategy

Design Thinking, market and user research create an effective base for an optimal market acceptance of your products.

Conception & Innovation

Together with you, we develop innovative, meaningful concepts, and product ideas for the success of your company.

Industrial Design & Corporate Design

Together with you, we realize exciting brand worlds and products with added value that will stimulate your customers emotionally.

Interior Design

Communicate your company values through our staging of your products and services in lively room sceneries.

System Design

Together with you, we develop configurable systems for efficient saving of material and resources in the age of industry 4.0.


A good model gives a shape to an idea. Take advantage of the visualization of your future product in handy, concrete models.

HALT is a modern piece of furniture that is in high demand in institutions such as nursing homes or hospitals. The all-round handrail does not appear as an afterthought; instead, it is harmoniously integrated in the clean, timeless design of this table, which creates the self-contained and completely refrains from stigmatizing the use.

Statement of the Jury, German Design Award 2017

These pieces of furniture and handrails have been needed for a long time. Finally, someone who brings it to market and can generate media interest immediately. Thumbs up!

Niko Iordanov

GridLight offers a high degree of freedom in the design of lighting systems. This approach is not only in keeping with the times but efficient as well.

Statement by the Jury, Red Dot 2013

And the the company etage8 and it’s brand MORMOR proved how good functional furniture can look.

Trade Fair Newspaper Altenpflege 04/2015

MORMOR furniture show a refreshing effort to connect quality awareness and social ideals.

Silke ClausManaging Director Bayern-Design GmbH